Corporate Traveller

Helping Nexans New Zealand manage effective travel

As New Zealand’s largest power cable supplier, Nexans New Zealand manufactures a wide range of quality and environmentally certified electrical cable - ranging from low to medium voltage - and has been since 1967. 

Before working in conjunction with Corporate Traveller, Nexans New Zealand found difficulty foreseeing the company’s internal travel requirements. Travel plans were initially made on an ad-hoc basis, which proved to be costly and inefficient - it was difficult to tell where spend was being allocated, therefore difficult to plan subsequent travel in line with set budgets. With flight, accommodation, car hire and conference needs, it was important for Nexans New Zealand  to consolidate their spending and ensure that travel is planned in a systematic fashion, not juggled last minute.

Since partnering with Corporate Traveller four years ago, Nexans have managed to reduce unnecessary travel spend and make smarter decisions about suitable and cost-effective  travel providers - helping to keep within budget.