Accelerate your savings with Avis

Get more value with your next car hire

Corporate Traveller has teamed up with Avis to provide you an exclusive offering.

Book a rental car through Corporate Traveller and you’ll receive amazing benefits:
  • Hire with Avis and be rewarded with a discounted airport fee of $15, normally $45
  • Avis will reduce your excess to $1,500 from $3,450
  • Receive Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Dollars or Fly Buys with your Avis car rental

Book your next car rental with Avis

Contact your Travel Manager today to discover how SmartDRIVE can benefit you!

Accelerate your car hire savings with SmartDRIVE

SmartDRIVE is exclusive to Corporate Traveller and gives clients access to discounted services, bonus offers, and value-add services.

Switching to SmartDRIVE helps your bottom line by cutting the overheads and boosting your on-road benefits. There's a great range of vehicles to choose from too!

Whether it’s a quick trip from A to B or a lengthy road warrior’s journey, our free SmartDRIVE extras will help you arrive at your destination for less.

Book your car hire with Corporate Traveller and you’ll receive a minimum of three free extras from our SmartDRIVE partners including:

  • Lower NZ airport collection fees
  • Reduce your excess by over 50%
  • Earn Air New Zealand Airpoints dollars
  • Earn rewards vouchers
  • Free hire of GPS
  • Pre-pay fuel offers
  • Complimentary GPS

Switch to SmartDRIVE and give your car hire budget some extra mileage.

Book your next car rental with SmartDRIVE and Avis

Corporate Traveller has access to exclusive rates, discounts and benefits, saving you money while improving comfort for your travellers. Talk to us today.  

Terms and Conditions

AVIS: This offer is available for New Zealand rentals only until further notice. Offer applies to car groups A, B, C, D and E only. Subject to availability.